BIZVIDUK would love to help you increase your visitors, customers and profit!

And this you can do for a very affordable investment.

All prices are converted to your local currency at the time of your transaction.

Of course with our service it is not so much a cost as an investment into your business as you increase visitors to your website or offer, collect more leads, grow more customers and increase profit.

All instruction and choices will be via email. This is to make sure that both parties are fully aware as to what has been agreed.

To begin to generate more website visitors, more leads, more customers or clients and more profit for your business with our outstanding video marketing click the buy button now!

The investment  is simple…  to rent a video is $100 per month per video or $1000 per year.


 Rent A Video

All our effort is to get a generic video seen by your target audience.

Our standard service is to produce and optimize a ‘keyword phrase’ targeted video of up to 3 mins and to host it on one of our video channels.

These videos nearly always rank on the first page of YouTube the worlds biggest video site and the worlds 2nd biggest search engine.

We give a rank on the first page of YouTube in 3 months or your money back guarantee.

Sometimes we have an already ranking video available because a business has changed or on odd occasions they don’t want to use our service anymore. These videos can be re purposed… IE your name -phone number-links used to direct visitors to your specific offer.

We can also create a ‘short’  custom video around a particular search term for you and rank that on YouTube’s first page. It may also rank on the first page of Google.

For further details contact us today!

The first step is to make your investment and then we will contact you via email, to clarify what keyword phrase you wish to rank for.

Additional SERVICES

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Reputation Marketing

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