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Our rent a video service is very popular because businesses are renting a video that is already among the top ranking videos. Their target market is already watching the video. Their target market is already visiting a website or offer. Once the business rents the video these viewers are directed to the renting business instead.

There are lots of people online and offline who will sell you a video and then leave you to it or charge you a fortune as they seek to try to make that video effective. Lots of businesses have spent a lot of money only to be left with a video they only use on their website.

Our service is video marketing so we rank and rent videos for different keyword phrases that will boost your bottom line profit.

You will be renting a video that is already among the top results.

We also host the video for free on one of our YouTube Channels.

rent a videoIf the video you rent falls from the first page of YouTube then no rental fee will be paid. If an existing video fails to continue to produce new leads, sales and profits then you simply stop paying the rent. This hasn’t happened but like anything in life it could.

Our video marketing is an investment as it gives a return on the rent that is paid. You are renting a winning video, not a promise of ranking.

Many clients want to do a fresh video for another keyword phrase or specific offer. We help these clients choose the most profitable keyword phrase for their offer.

To rent a ranking video is simple and easy and it can cost less than $3.50 a day!

Rent is $100 a month payable with 3 months upfront and then monthly or annually for $1000 dollars. (Other currencies will be converted at time of purchase) The video which is already ranking among the top results will be customized to link directly to your own website and/or promote a phone number or other contact point.

We can  also supply a personalized effective landing page at $30 a month or $300 a year.


To rent a video you make a payment via PayPal. Select annual or monthly payment then click buy now button.

To rent a landing page you make a payment via PayPal. Select annual or monthly payment then click buy now button.

Before sending a payment please make sure that the specific video is available. Click the i button in the top right hand corner of the video. If it says this video for rent. Your good to go.

Rent A Video

Rent Your Landing Page

Upon payment you will be directed to a page to give us full instructions these are given and agreed by form and email. This way both parties know without doubt what is agreed.