Understanding Smartphone Users

This video presents key findings from a study from Google and conducted by Ipsos OTX, an independent market research firm.

The findings come from research conducted at the end of 2010 among 5,013 US adult smartphone Internet users. Google commissioned this research with the objectives to better understand how smartphones are used in consumers’ daily lives and how smartphones have influenced the ways consumers search, shop and respond to mobile advertising and video. Video is great for smartphone users.

It is an old video but explains very well why websites should be smart phone friendly. The statistics are out of date because smartphone use has just gone sky high as people move away from PC, laptop and even tablet use.

Don’t get left behind by your competition.

Watch Video Below For Example Of Bad Websites

Bespoke Website Design

Website design is now an essential consideration for any small or large business to meet their growing business needs and a well designed website adds significant value to their businesses perception as well as maximizing their future business potential.

Always Choose Professional Websites For Your Business

Statistics show that within five seconds of arriving at your website a user will start to build up their perception of your company. New visitors make assumptions about the quality of your product/service based on your website design. The assumptions made in these first five seconds can determine whether or not a potential customer progresses further through your website and into a customer.

We can competently and successfully build you a market leading website to enhance your brand image, ensure your visitors can find you, interact with you and trust you enough to do business with you.

The vast majority of consumers now reach for a smartphone or a handheld device to browse the internet for information on local businesses rather than looking in a telephone book or business directories such as the Yellow Pages.

This means that many large and small businesses in a local market may be missing out because they don’t engage with online marketing or have a badly designed not mobile friendly website.

Recent studies show that most internet users who go online to look for local goods or services are ready to purchase. So you need to make it easy for them to find your video and look round your website. And then give them a good reason make that purchase from your business.

The fact is 80% of local searches result in a purchase, visit to the actual premises, or at least a telephone call. If you haven’t got a website or a badly designed one without video then you are missing out BIG TIME!

Test out your website on a smart phone if it looks rubbish and visitors can’t use it easily then you’re losing out to your competition that have been smart enough to make their website smartphone friendly.

Don’t be behind your competition be in front contact us today.